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  • Nicole Creegan

8 Must-Haves for Your Short-Term Rental!

Are you just getting started with your short-term rental business? Wondering if you have everything your guests will need in your vacation rental unit? Here’s what you need before you post your charming new rental on Airbnb, VRBO, or HomeAway!

1. Comfortable Beds and Linens

No matter the price point of your vacation rental, your guests will be looking for a comfortable, relaxing place to sleep. It’s one of the most basic and essential must-haves. You don’t necessarily need to buy expensive linens unless your rental has a high price point, but make sure they’re soft and comfy.

2. Extra Sets of Sheets and Towels

Quick turnarounds might not provide enough time to do the laundry in between—especially if there are stains involved—so an extra set of sheets for each bed is a must! Pro-tip: purchase quality, but light towels for fast drying.

3. Wi-Fi Access

Free Wi-Fi used to be a luxury for travelers, but now, it’s pretty much a necessity. Guests want to be able to connect their phones, tablets, and/or laptops easily. If your rental is large and suited for multiple guests, you’ll need to make sure that the Wi-Fi can handle several connected devices and that a strong connection is available throughout the house.

4. Easy-to-Reach Electrical Outlets

It can be incredibly frustrating when you’re traveling and you can’t find a place to charge your phone! That’s why all modern vacation rentals need to have plenty of electrical outlets, preferably located near beds so that people can charge their devices at night. Bonus: include phone chargers in case guests forget theirs.

4. Entertainment Basics

Your vacation rental should have some type of entertainment. Even if it’s located in an incredible vacation spot, there might be days when guests have to stay inside—think rainy days. They’ll want the ability to watch TV, play board games, read books or magazines, etc. If you’re expecting to have lots of families with kids, toys and books are always a great idea. Bonus: include Netflix access.

5. Kitchen Basics

Your guests will want the ability to cook meals in their vacation rental. In fact, that’s why a lot of people choose rentals over hotels. So, make sure they have a kitchen stocked with the basics, including:

· A variety of spices aside from just salt, pepper, sugar, olive oil, and vinegar

· Appliances (fridge, oven, microwave, toaster)

· Dishes (at least one set per guest)

· Silverware

· Pots and pans

· Knives and cutting board

· Hot pads / oven mitts

· Mixing bowls

· Measuring cups / spoons

· Strainer

· Basic cooking / baking utensils

· Bottle opener / corkscrew

· Hand towels / paper towels

· Food storage containers

Plus, make sure there’s some clear counter space and a place to put groceries.

6. Coffee and Tea Station

Many people can’t start their day without coffee or tea! It’s a nice touch to include everything they need for the perfect cuppa. Your beverage-loving guests will greatly appreciate it!

7.Basic Cleaning/Household Supplies

Guests may need to wipe up spills during their stay. Make sure the rental is well-stocked with:

· Hand soap and dish soap

· Basic household cleaners

· Paper-towels, and washable micro cloths

· Trash bags

· Broom and dustpan

· Extra lightbulbs

These supplies will minimize housekeeping calls and help keep your rental in good shape.

8. Safety Features

This might not be the most interesting aspect of your rental, but it’s still important. You will need safety items such as:

· Smoke / carbon monoxide detectors

· Fire extinguisher

· First aid kit

· Fire escape, if applicable

· Peep-holes for doors

· Cameras in general areas (optional, but recommended)

Hopefully, these tips will help you provide a great experience for your guests! If you need any more help getting started on short term rental, we’re here to help at The 5 Star Host.

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